The brainchild of celebrated film critic & writer, Anupama Chopra, Film  Companion is a platform dedicated to film journalism. The brand focuses  on film reviews – Bollywood, Hollywood, world cinema, regional/local  cinema along with extensive interviews with personalities from the  length & breadth of the movie industry. They are known for authentic and genuine film journalism.

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Film Festivals Covered

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Emmys & Oscars

To catch the flurry of these international events, engagement strategy were designed for Insta-stories as a pre buzz to the events; more than half a million response was

generated making the campaign a success and leading to more followers on the brand's official Instagram handle. 

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Cracking The Content Code 

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The brand was open to looking at a new digital approach to reach out to not only serious movie viewers but also a much younger, millennial crowd that they could convert to their brand advocates. The challenge was to create a strategy that would not dilute the brand tonality as an authentic platform for all film content but at the same time be engaging enough to appeal to a wider diaspora. 

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