Honey & Dough is a South Delhi based bakery and a venture under horizontal expansion by ANR International Pvt. Ltd.

It offers an authentic global menu expertly crafted by in-house chefs. They have crafted the classics, while also experimenting with and creating new eats inspired by international delicacies from different parts of the globe:

the Belgian chocolates, desserts from France, Burgers

from America, salads from Greece etc. 

Brand Identity   Communications Strategy   Creative Concept 

Rebranding : making product the hero and the content its sidekick.


While the idea was to have Honey & Dough sell their delicacies like ‘Hot Cakes’ - quite literally, the effort was to create a full blown strategy spanning both content and design concept that would help achieve the same. The combination of the right

visual and written communication is crucial for a home grown bakery brand to make it big.

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